#WSC2017Conf: Developing Your Brand Inside and Out

#WSC2017Conf: Developing Your Brand Inside and Out

Don’t become a closet rock star! While developing your brand as a thought leader, your company may not be aware of the impact that you’re making on the industry. Learn key strategies to ensure that your external stardom is also recognized and celebrated internally within your company.

Naturally, for many thought leaders, their external public-facing brand improves with the exposure they receive from writing, speaking, and contributing to open source coding. However, this external exposure doesn’t necessarily transfer to how they are perceived internally within their own companies. In fact, well-known thought leaders have reported managers and colleagues not being aware of the very expertise that they share externally.

In this talk, Angie shares strategic techniques to ensure that you not only build your brand externally, but that you are also viewed as a rock-star industry expert within your company by the very people who have influence over your immediate career growth.


Angie Jones

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