The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World

The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) will have on testing. There’s a new generation of testing tools being developed that employ AI with promises of making testing much more efficient for us.

This is very exciting, and I look forward to using these tools. However, the tester in me also realizes that testing tools aren’t the only products utilizing AI. Aspects of AI such as machine learning exist today in products that we’re using on a daily basis!

I reject the common notion that AI is this omniscient black box that doesn’t require testing, and I’ll spend 2018 touring the world to spread this message.

Here’s a promo of my keynote talk “The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World”.



The first stop on the tour was STAREAST. Here’s feedback from the audience.

Angie Jones
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