Selenium WebDriver Tutorial with Java

Selenium WebDriver Tutorial with Java

I’ve released a brand new course – completely free – on Selenium WebDriver with Java!

The Test Automation University course takes you from zero to 100, covering introductory and advanced concepts in 3.5 hours!



I cover all of the following in this free Selenium tutorial:

  • How to install Selenium WebDriver
  • How to use the WebDriver API to launch and interact with websites
  • Various techniques to find elements such as buttons, links, text, dropdowns, and more within a web application
  • WebDriver API calls to interact with those elements such as clicking, entering and reading text, selecting options, handling popups and alerts, uploading files, working with iframes, and more
  • Advanced interactions, such as hovering and sending alternative keys like tab, as well as symbols
  • How to integrate the WebDriver API with TestNG for test assertions
  • How to organize our test code using the Page Object Model
  • Various wait strategies to control the timing of our scripts and avoid flaky tests
  • How to take screenshots during test executions
  • How to have our code listen for specific WebDriver events and perform additional actions, like logging our test activity
  • How to customize the browser used in test execution
  • How to run headless tests
  • Advanced topics like navigating multiple open tabs within a browser, as well as cookie management
  • How to use JavaScript to write custom actions that aren’t supported with core WebDriver API methods


You Killed It!

Well well Angie Jones, you killed it girl! Anyone wanting to learn Selenium with Java, please go ahead and learn from here. It’s free and valuable!

Pallavi R Sharma

Best Selenium WebDriver course

It is definitely the best Selenium WebDriver course that I have ever attended online so far. The content and presentation are awesome. I think it is priceless!

Fatih Cepni

From Zero to Hero

You can literally go from having zero programming experience to writing UI Automation in Java like a boss by going to and taking just Angie Jones’ courses. What are you waiting for???

Carlos Kidman

Thorough Yet Concise

Angie, thank you for the insightful, thorough and at the same time exceptionally concise course!

I learned a lot from your implementation, and I got a lot of ideas on how to enhance my own open-source Automation Engine. You’ve excellently managed to sum up a lot of best-practices in an engaging and easy to understand/practice delivery that kept me watching video after video!

This has truly been the best, and most interesting and valuable Selenium WebDriver with Java course I’ve ever participated in. I am truly happy with the output, and I’m looking forward for more…

Cheers from Egypt 🙏🇪🇬🐪🤖🚀

Mohab Mohie

Best Practices Included

This is by far the most informative and to the point Selenium WebDriver with Java course that I have ever participated in. I really like that it implements the best practices.

Mahmoud EL-Sharkawy

Thanks so much to Applitools for sponsoring this course so that I can offer it to you all for free!

Angie Jones
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