Explain Machine Learning to Me Like I’m Five

Explain Machine Learning to Me Like I’m Five

A wonderful down to earth presentation on machine learning basics

Angie Jones shows us how to use IBM’s Watson for image recognition, how to train the bots, and used Scratch to show us how to test the bots. Angie strongly suggests that not only will Testing still be a necessary skill during the AI and ML era, but testers will be vital to teach and maintain our bot overlords. This may be the best introduction to how ML works out here, definitely worth the short time to watch this presentation.

Jason Arbon

Basic Introduction

For many, Machine Learning and AI are nothing more than buzz words. However, machine learning is a realized form of AI that is currently being utilized by top tech companies in products that we use every day. For this reason, it’s important that we understand how this works and what vulnerabilities we should we aware of as testers. In this session, we’ll stay away from all the fancy jargon, and instead look at a demonstration of machine learning in action. The demo will provide insight into the ‘magic’ of machine learning in a way that’s simple enough for a five-year-old to understand. After completing this session, you will have learned the basic fundamentals of machine learning and identify vulnerabilities of machine learning that you can look for as a tester.

Resources: Instructions for Machine Learning project | IBM Visual Recognition API

Angie Jones
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  • Pranay Verma

    Precise and perfect explanation. Very insightful for beginners. Thanks for putting this together.

    March 27, 2019 at 4:31 am Reply

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