Hanselminutes Podcast

Angie returns to Hanselminutes to discuss the state of test automation, her transition from Twitter engineering to Developer Advocacy, and her new initiative Test Automation University.

Egghead Podcast

Incorporating Testers with Every Development Phase with Angie Jones

In this podcast, Angie shares her thought process and steps to coming up with patented inventions, and also her insights on test automation/software development.

The Good, The Bad, And The Buggy

(Machine) Learning to Love AI

Angie Jones joins the cast of this hip podcast to talk about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in everyday applications like Spotify, Netflix, and Stitch Fix.

Cucumber Podcast

Angie joins the hosts of the Cucumber Podcast to help interview John Ferguson Smart, Jan Molak, and Nat Pryce about the Screenplay Design Pattern

Test Talks: Episode 194

In this Test Talks interview, Angie Jones discusses the future of testing and the skills you’ll need to test AI-based technologies.

John Frieda Commercial

Angie Jones is changing the narrative about women of color in tech. Watch the short mini-documentary about Angie’s transformation. Created by John Frieda US and Vox Creative.

Test Masters, Episode 2

In this interview, Angie discusses how she got into test automation, what it’s like to be an automation engineer at Twitter, how she feels about being an international speaker, and her thoughts on the future of testing.

Test Talks: Episode 185

In this Test Talks interview, I join Richard Bradshaw and Gil Tayar to discuss what automation trends we think that will dominate our work environment in 2018. We also cover what major skills, tools, and best practices are in high demand.

Angie Jones of Twitter – the present and future of innovation

TechChill highlights Angie Jones’ innovation and enthusiasm in the field of software engineering.

Quality Remarks

Host, Keith Klain, talks about all things test automation with Angie JonesBas DijkstraPaul Grizzaffi, and Ashley Hunsberger.

Cucumber Podcast

Cucumber co-founder, Matt Wynne, interviews Angie about test automation, strategies for BDD adoption, and the future role of testers.

Screen Testing

Angie and Ash Coleman join the Screen Testing podcast to deep-dive through some important cultural talking-points, including how we educate children about race issues, how feminist movements tend to favor white women, and how we can shift a community’s mentality.

The Future of Software Testing

Angie is featured in QASymphony’s e-book, The Future of Software Testing: 12 Testing Experts Share Their Predictions discussing her thoughts on what’s in store for the future of software testing, and how testers can prepare and adapt to this transformation.

Working Out Loud

As a renowned figure in the testing community, a frequent speaker at international conferences and a heavy blogger, Angie tells us about her conference experiences and what working out loud means to her.

Women in Tech Show

Podcast episode where Angie explains what test automation is and its importance in the Software Development process.

Hexawise: Testing Smarter with Angie Jones

Angie talks with Hexawise about her background, views on testing, her move to Twitter, and how to stay current in the industry

Developer of Fire

Angie Jones talks with Dave Rael about inspiration, mentoring, experiences, and diversity in tech.

Spectacular Magazine

Angie Jones, Master Inventor: Black History In The Making

Spectacular Magazine highlights Angie Jones during Black History Month.

The Testing Show (Part 2)

Automation and Defining “Done”

Angie continues her interview on The Testing Show and talks about ways that automation can be put first in stories (yes, really) and ways that she has been able to get team buy in and cooperation to make that process effective.

The Testing Show (Part 1)

Automation and Defining “Done”

Angie joins The Testing Show to talk about better ways to perform automation, who should be responsible for what, and how everyone on the team can contribute to automation efforts (hint, you don’t need to be a coder to help make great automation, but it certainly helps).

Let's Talk About Tests Baby

Ep 68: Automatic for the people

Angie speaks to Gem Hill and helps demystify the black box which is test automation.

The HanselMinutes Podcast

Angie challenges us to consider including Automation earlier in the product development cycle. Is Automation included in your company’s “Definition of Done?”

Testing in the Pub

Angie Jones and Ash Coleman on an episode of Testing In The Pub live from TestBash Philadelphia. In this episode we talk to Angie Jones and Ash Coleman about their experiences of TestBash and testing, and discuss the best ways to embed testing and automation within a project.

By GeekGirl

6 Female Leaders on How to Have Your Voice Heard

By Geekgirl asked six female leaders in the tech community how to have your voice heard and share your ideas without being ignored.

Test Talks

Podcast: Why We Need More Women & Minorities in Tech

Spectacular Magazine

Angie Jones and others are helping to shape the future of technology in the Triangle

The Tempest

Angie Jones talks technology, Black culture, and Diva Chix

The Tempest had the opportunity to speak to Jones about her career, motivation, and where she stands in the technology world.

Remeshed Publication

8 Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know

Ramshed interviewed Angie Jones about being a women of color game developer.

News & Observer

TechGirlz introduces girls to technology field

Angie and eight other women sitting at the table are world-class programmers and technologists, the kind of people directly responsible for RTP’s global reputation. Yet they’ve gathered at the Bandwidth office at N.C. State University’s Centennial Campus as volunteers. They host events at their companies to get girls doing podcasting or building robots – and to dispel myths about technology jobs before the girls are old enough to decide it’s not the field for them.

Ebony Magazine

Young Leaders: 30 under 30.

Angie Jones is featured as one of Ebony Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 – a group of young, educated, talented, Black men and women who are soaring to tremendous heights and making accomplishments in the areas of law, politics, religion, technology, education, communications, music, arts, and entertainment.